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Year 1

Home Learning 6-16th July


We are nearing the end of the summer term and you have all worked incredibly hard.  

For those of you still at home I have included some challenges in reading, writing, maths and being active!!!

Have some fun - you deserve it.

Look out for some other challenges coming your way for during the summer holidays.


Take care

Mrs Brassington

Home Learning 29th June

For those of you still working at home please continue to access Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths.  Oxford Owls also provide an extensive list of reading books online.

I have also included some resources below to help you to work at home.

Keep working hard and doing your best.

We miss you very much and hope to see you all really soon.

Love Mrs Brassington

Home Learning 22nd June

This week please take a look at the Year 1 home learning in Class 1.  There are many activities to complete the Sayeeda Talk for writing work.

Please also continue to access the websites below for daily lessons and activities.

In the topic star you will also find the next part of our topic about Plants.

In Come and See this week, please see the lessons about how we can continue to 'Spread the Word' of Jesus.

Please keep working hard at home and remember to post some photos to the blog.  You are all doing amazing work!!!  Keep it up.

Love Mrs Brassington xxx

Home Learning - 15th June

This week some Year 1 children will be returning to school. I am sure you are very excited.  Mrs Mallabar will be working with you but I am sure I will see you too.  For those of you who are still working at home, please keep up the good work.  Below you will find a selection of resources to choose from.  Please try to complete a little bit of reading, writing and maths each day.  If you are interested in a particular topic then please feel free to find your own materials for reading and writing.  You could complete a diary, write a letter, complete a newspaper report or a fact file. You could even make up a quiz or board game. If you are in an imaginative mood then have a go at writing your own story - start with a story map, remember a beginning, middle and ending.  Don't forget to read your writing as you go to make sure it makes sense.

Keep doing your best and let me know how you are getting on either on the school blog or send me an email.

I am missing you all very much.  Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Brassington

Home Learning 8th June

Not long now until some of you return to school.  I am really looking forward to seeing you.  For now though I would like you to continue to work hard at home.  Please continue to access the online learning with Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize and White Rose.  Below you can find further resources in each curriculum area to support this and a new topic focus - How does your garden grow?


Home Learning 1st - 5th June

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and have had a little rest during half term!

This week I will be back in school.  However, I still need you to do some work at home for me.

Thank you to everyone that has put posts onto the school blog and even sent me some messages via e-mail.  It has been so lovely to hear from you all and see what lovely things you have been doing.

This week I have included a selection of activities and please continue to use the links to BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy and White Rose.  Also if you have a particular interest then please do some of your own project work.  Just try to make sure that you do a little bit of reading, writing and maths each day.  Mrs Dodd has got some great activities on her Class 1 page that she has kindly said we can use as well.  So have a look and see if there is something you would like to do.

Home Learning Week 7


Welcome to another week of home learning!  You are all doing brilliantly!!! 

This week I have set you a little Fun Lockdown challange! - I have to admit I got the idea from Mrs Dodd!

Try to print out my avatar and have a go at some of the challenges I have set.  Then upload your photos onto the school blog. 

It would be great to see what you have been getting up to.

In addition, I have included some links for stories about Coronavirus and ways that we can stop the spread.



I hope you are safe and well.  Please try to complete at least one piece of work each day from what is detailed below.  However, if you have a particular interest in a different topic and feel this will help you to do your work then please do!!! Just try to do some reading and writing around that topic.  You might also have a practical way to show what you have learnt through pictures, art work, baking or construction.  Try to have fun while you learn and don't forget how important it is to play and be active!!!  Please keep posting what you have been doing on the school blog.  


This week I would like you to focus on the 75th Anniversary VE Day celebrations.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to take part in many activities that were planned but I have included some activities you could do at home. 

There are the usual BBC Bitesize daily lessons on iplayer and the great resources from White Rose Maths. You can always look back at previous weeks resources and activities if you have not already done them.  

Please also take a look in the whole school resources for links to activities with Julia Donaldson books you may have at home, STEM Lego challenges, Picture News and lots of things to support mental health and well being.

Please continue to put your photos on the school blog.  It is so nice to share what we have been doing and see our friends that we must be missing so much.  Look out next week for a special message from all the staff at school!!!


WEEK 4 HOME LEARNING - Welcome to another week of fun filled activities and learning. I hope you are all safe and well and looking after each other. Some activities will continue from those set last week. I have really enjoyed the BBC Bitesize programmes on TV and the follow up activities on the website. Please continue to access these. In addition, the White Rose maths activities are the place to go each day for some maths challenges. In the files below I have also included some additional activities such as phonics, punctuation and grammar and some alternative reading. We also continue this week with our Lowry topic. Can you think of 5 fun facts you know know about him? Look out on the school blog for some special Lowry photos!!! Please remember to just do what you can. The following activities are just to give you some ideas. I am not expecting you to complete everything. If you have found other things that are helping you to learn then that is great too. Let me know about them on the blog. I miss you all very much. Please stay safe and have fun doing some work!! Love Mrs Brassington xxx


I hope you all had a great Easter and have not eaten too many chocolate eggs!!!wink

Below you will find some new activities to complete at home.  Do this at your own pace.  Try your best to write some of your work into the book I sent home with you.  If not, just talk about it with your family.  

I am sure you are all finding some of your own work  to complete too.  This is absolutely great.  Do something that interests you.  Have a go at uploading some pictures of what you have been up to onto the school blog.  It does not have to be work.  It would just be nice to see your smiling faces. laugh

I hope you are all safe and well.  Take care of each other.  See you soon.

Mrs Brassington xxx

Week 1 Home Learning