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Week 7

Hi boys and girls,

I hope that you are all well and are feeling ok. I'm so proud of you all for all your hard work and perseverance over these last few months.


I have decided to give you a bit of a change this week. We have had the same format for a while now and I thought you might like something different to see you through into half term.


This week I have set you an Alphabet Challenge. You have a grid of challenges, one for each letter of the alphabet. Your challenge is to try and complete your grid by the end of half term...that gives you two weeks. You can either choose to use my grid that has ideas already populated, or there is also a blank grid if you are feeling brave enough to come up with your own ideas.

There needs to be a mix of subjects (ie art, maths, English, science, history) and each activity must link to a letter of the alphabet.

I thought you might be ready for a little bit of a change.


There are additional resources in the folder to support the activities (coordinates, fraction museum etc) and I have also added a few extra work items in there for you to access if you want to.

If anyone would still really like the maths sheets that I normally upload, and you have completed all the others, then just drop me an email and I will send some more over to you.

Remember there are lots of links on our Class 3 page to useful websites where you can keep practising your maths skills - so keep working on those too.


I am missing you all very much and cannot wait to see you all again.

Take care and stay safe,

Lots of Love

Mrs Mallabar xx