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Week 2

Walking in the rain! On Thursday we stepped out into the rain and walked for over an hour exploring local woodlands, orchards, beehives and fairy tepee's. We had such a wonderful time looking at the large tree roots and voting on which direction to take next.

Come and See. Exploring Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. Although we can't see the Holy spirit we know that he is there and can feel the effects of the Holy Spirit. We compared this to wind and fire. Although you can't see wind you know that it is there and can see the effects. We then created our own 'blow paintings' using fire colours.

One more. The children found our farmyard animals numbered 1-20 in our outdoor classroom. They then put them in the correct order by saying what 'one more' would be. We then each had to stand on a number and jump to the one that would be one more.

Table phonics. We have been recapping our sounds this week and have been writing words that we can sound out onto our tables in whiteboard pens. The children were very excited to do this. They were reminded that they would not be allowed to do this at home!

Plant/Leaf weaving and rainbow wood chimes in forest school