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Advent 1 Topic - Space

Florence Nightingale Knowledge Mat

Class 1 Nativity link

Please find a copy of our knowledge mat for the current driver subject - Africa CAFOD links

phonics information

Our new come and see topic is exploring belonging and Baptisms. We have been looking at symbols and memento's from our own baptisms and sharing them with each other.

Cath, who is a community artist, was kind enough to come into school to help design and make some old Victorian puppets. The children talked about the emotions in the face for their designs as well as what clothes their puppet would wear depending upon whether they were rich or poor.

Train tracks. Mr Peter was kind enough to bring in his old train track and explain how it worked with us. He even taught us how to make it move. We all got a turn. It was lots of fun!

We are going on a treasure hunt....we are going to find some treasure...what a beautiful day....yo ho ho!

Learning to scoot and manoeuvre

Receptions first week at school! We have had an exciting and fun first week at school!

Developing our gross motor skills in our local area. On our well being walk we came across some beautiful trees. The children asked if they could climb them as they were at a similar height to them. This not only develops gross motor skills but builds up their shoulder muscles which will in turn help with their handwriting. Great work Class 1. You are fantastic climbers!

Playdough phonics - We have been exploring different ways of practising our phonics. We used the fans to find the sound and then moulded the letters with playdough. We talked about how to form the letters inline with our new handwriting policy.

Meeting our new chickens in the forest school.

ICT - Developing mouse skills

Developing fine motor skills and handwriting

First day back post lock down! We had lots of fun outside playing with some of our new resources. We even have a set of drums we can play with. Mrs Dodd loved having us back.

The impact of washing your hands! Today we have been looking at why it is so important for us to wash our hands and to try and not touch our faces. We carried out an experiment whereby we put black pepper into a bowl of tap water. Each child was asked to place their finger into the bowl. All of the pepper clings to their finger and as they pull it out the germs (black pepper) are still attached. We talked about how if these were germs you would then spread them as you touched any surfaces or shook hands with people. We talked about the importance of soap. The children washed their hands for twenty seconds using soap and carried out the experiment again. They were amazed to see that as they placed their finger into the bowl all of the germs 'black pepper' were repelled away.

Squiggle Wiggle. To develop both our fine and gross motor skills we have been taking part in squiggle wiggle. Each day we change our gross movements - up/down, circles, crisscross and zigzags. This encourages the children to move their whole body in the same movements they would use to form different letters (curly caterpillar, ladder letters, zigzag and robot arms) We then move from gross motor movements to fine motor movements working on fine tuning our fine motor control when forming letters. We always have lots of fun doing this and we change the music each day to something that we have all heard before.

Ten black spots! If you had ten black spots what would you turn them into? Class 3 as part of their Maths Day created a book just for Class 1 based on the story 10 black dots. The children had to use their imagination to describe what different amounts of dots could make i.e. three dots could be a space rocket or one dot could be the sun. We were then lucky enough for the children to come and share their story with class 1.

World Book Day. As part of World Book Day every child brought in their favourite book from home. We then spent the morning sharing our stories and talking about our favourite parts/characters. We then decided that we would also like to be authors of our own stories. We each took three pages and wrote a story using a beginning, middle and end. We laminated these so they were durable, just like a real book.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off! As part of our materials topic we decided to design and make our own space rockets using junk modelling. We looked at the shape of a rocket and all of the different elements that it would need in order to fly to Space. We then sought out different shapes from our junk modelling to suit the design and created our own. We also looked at the materials we would use to cover our rocket.

Testing materials for underpants. The aliens have asked us if we can design and make them a special pair of underpants. However they didn't say what material they would like them to be made out of. Class 1 then decided to test a number of different materials and predict whether they would be good underpants or not. We made a pair of underpants out of each material and then tested them together. We had lots of fun! Some children even tried the materials on themselves.

Alien underpants! Following on from our talk for writing story 'Aliens love underpants!' we were asked by one of the aliens to design them a pair of underpants. We had to use describing words (adjectives) to talk about what our underpants would include. We then painted the design onto real underpants and rated how we thought they looked.

Road safety! Class 1 have been learning about how to cross the road safely. We talked about how and where you should cross the road, including traffic lights and zebra crossings. We then pulled on our high vis jackets and put our knowledge to the test! We enjoyed singing our song to remind us how to 'stop, look and listen' before we crossed the street. Class 1 then made posters to share with our toddler group to show them how to stay safe when crossing the road.

The Queen's Hat. Please find attached a copy of next terms subject knowledge mat. We will be going on a whistle stop tour of the UK visiting all four countries and the important landmarks in each. You will find some sticky knowledge and information included in the mat that you can use as a talking point with your child throughout the topic.

The wedding of the century! We have been recreating our very own wedding as part of our celebration topic in Come and See!

Space Science - We have been investigating the properties of materials as part of our Science topic. We have been predicting and testing whether materials are magnetic or absorbent. Before we could test any of the objects, we all made a prediction based on our understanding and examinations. We then tested our predictions out! we had lots of fun using magnets and the water tray to test our theories. Next stop - Space rockets!

Active Maths. Today we have been learning about how to use the ten frame to count out a set amount of objects. Each child found a number that was hidden around the room and had to find where they would stand in a human number line. We then talked about one more and one less, concentrating on numbers between 10-20. We then selected random numbers between 1-10 and created a human ten frame on the carpet. We had lots of fun changing spots and ensuring that the correct number of spaces were filled. We then continued this by creating our own ten frames at our tables and placing different resources in the squares to show a different amount of objects.

All about alliteration.

Still image for this video
Class 1 have been learning about alliteration and have created their own silly sentences and tongue twisters!

To complete our topic on the history of Flight Class 1 have been investigating hot air balloons. We talked about what happens to the air inside the hot air balloon when the burner starts and how it rises.We then tried to recreate this using the parachute and each of the children ran underneath the balloon to see what it would feel like. We then made our own hot air balloons using helium and tested them by throwing them up into the air. We had to weigh them down with the baskets though otherwise they would have flown away. We then drew our own hot air balloons and labelled them.

Lent 1 Topic - Space. Please find a copy of our knowledge mat for your attention. A hard copy will also be sent out to you prior to school breaking up for the holidays.

Class 1 Assembly! Class 1 shone bright at their first assembly of the year! They shared their knowledge of flight and retold the story of Supertato with all of the actions. Each child made a pair of wings for their parents and said why they thought they were their Superhero.

Lets go fly a kite! Class 1 have been learning about flight and how we can make things fly. We talked about air resistance and gravity. We then created our own kites and tested these outside, experimenting with different routes of running to test the wind direction.

Macmillan Coffee morning - Class 1 decided that they would like to bake their own cakes in class to sell at the Macmillan Coffee afternoon which took place in school. We created our own chef hats and then followed a set of instructions to create delicious chocolate and syrup crispy cakes. All of the children were allowed to try the cakes first to ensure they were safe to eat!

Forest School - Class 1 ventured into the forest school in search of the Gruffalo! We looked in underground and treetop houses but we couldn't find him anywhere. We decided to create our own natural Gruffalo to leave in the forest as a friend. We searched for different objects that we could use for the Gruffalos body and then painted a picture of him using sticks and mud. We even used blackberries for the purple prickles all over his back!

Jam sandwich recipe instructions - Class 1 have been learning about how to write and follow a set of instructions. We used bossy verbs such as mix, spread and add to say what we needed to do and then followed them to make our own jam sandwich. Yum!

History of Flight

16/7/2019. KS1 had a wonderful sports day at High Lea Park. Thank you all for supporting this fun filled event.

4/7/2019 Our Summer Holiday Assembly. The children had a wonderful time performing their assembly today. Well done you were all amazing!

8/4/2018 During child led play all the children decided to have a wedding. They prepared the church, made cakes and had a Priest to marry two children.

4/4/2019 Class One perform their assembly on 'Where We Live.' The children thouroughly enjoyed using their Talk For Writing learning to tell a story about 'The Sheep and The Goat.'

25/3/2019. In science today the children have been learning about which materials are most suitable to build 'The Three Little Pigs' Houses.'

Class 1 complete the 'Give it up Challenge for Lent.' They have all written their ideas on fish.

A time to pray

Class 1 World Book Day

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight the children watched a video about chocolate, played lotto and snakes and ladders.

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A fun session in maths investigating number and subtraction.

Science- solid, liquid and a gas. The children are learning about particles in solids, liquids and gases by making the shape with their bodies.

We are making alien puppets for our story about Beegu

Class 1 Forest schools session. The children are investigating how to make homes for aliens!

Class 1 team building day at New Mills leisure centre. New Mills Secondary School sports leaders led a range of fun activities for the children.

In science today the children have been learning how to create a habitat for mini beasts. We went into forest schools to identify types of materials required and then found lots of woodlice to put into our habitat. We now know that woodlice like wet, dark and damp places. 

Habitat investigation

In  Come and See we have been learning about how we welcome each other and how we are welcomed into God's family. We went to church and acted out a Baptism.


In our topic work on British Values we have been learning about the United Kingdom. The children created finger puppets for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This also links to their group saint names. 

Four nations

This week we have been learning about anti-bullying week.

In Come and See we have been learning about David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:45) and how David made songs for God. He was very brave when he defeated Goliath.

We are filling our cups with kindness and remembering not to be unkind. We also made hearts which we decorated beautifully. Then we had to crumple them up and this made us feel sad. That is how a bully would make us feel.

Anti-bullying week

Maths investigation

Reception children are investigating the concept of less and more using pan balances and numicon plates.

Child led play

Class One do gymnastics

Class 1 assembly