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St. Joseph Class 3

TEETH, EATING AND THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - please share the key vocabulary and sticky knowledge at home. Can you answer the questions before the topic starts? Will you be able to answer these questions at the end of the topic?

TIME TRAVEL THURSDAY - STONE AGE - We have had a fantastic day living in the stone age. Everyone looks fantastic!!!

The children have been painting outside in the style of Monet 'En Plein Air'

It was lovely to see some of Class 3's ideas being celebrated and shared by the St. Ralph Sherwin Academy Trust.

Maths Day

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Archie has had a great time practising his times tables during our active maths session.

The children in Class 3 planned and made their own version of the maths book 'Ten Black Dots'. Mrs Chapman selected some of our children to take the book down to Class 1 and read to their younger siblings. The boys and girls in Class 1 were delighted with the books.

World Maths Day - today the children have been celebrating World Maths Day by spending the whole day doing maths activities. They designed their own books for Class 1 to help the children learn about the numbers 1-20. They played lots of different fluency games to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We had some 'Multiplication Madness' out on the playground doing some active times table practice and then finished the day reading all about 'Nigel and his numberless world'.

We started off our new unit on fractions by learning all about the relationship between parts and whole. The children looked at equal and unequal parts and what was the same and different with their shapes.

We have been learning about The Water Cycle, to help the children understand how the rain feeds the rivers and where it all comes from. We made our own water cycles in bags and will be observing what happens to them over the coming weeks.

The children are really enjoying their topic of 'RIvers' and learning all about how the River Goyt flows. We even managed to make them giggle with some photographs of them in Class 1.

Ash Wednesday - After our school service all of the children in Class 3 went outside and tied their Lenten promises onto Class 3's Promise Tree. Father Daniel kindly brought the remaining Ashes out to us during our prayers and we poured them over our Promise Tree.

We have been learning all about the different features of a river and what it does as it flows from source to sea. The children had to work in groups to work out what all the different words meant and then plan and draw out their own meandering river.

Today the children have been exploring how rivers are formed and why they flow downhill.

What has a mouth but doesn't eat, runs but has no feet, has a bed but never sleeps? ..... What could our new topic be?

14/2/2020-Class Three have been designing musical instruments. Their objective was to ensure each design included a change in pitch when they played it.

Life without sound - today the children have been learning about how people with hearing impairments communicate. They looked at some scientific advances that help people to hear and also learnt some sign language so that they might communicate better with those with hearing difficulties. All the children learnt how to sign their names along with some general greetings.

Class Three perform the poem,'The Sound Collector' - the children have been learning all about onomatopoeia and have performed the poem by Roger McGough. Why not see if they can remember the poem and perform it to you at home?

Read All About It - The children are really enjoying our weekly news slot. We look at a story either from our local area, within the UK or world wide news. The children are given the opportunity to ask questions, consider the impact of current issues and also think about what we can do to help those around us. It is a pleasure to witness our children taking such a huge interest in the welfare of others and thinking critically about global matters that affect their futures.

As part of our topic on sound, the children have had a history lesson that focused on the contribution to science by Alexander Graham Bell. They went on an information hunt around the classroom and then used the information they had found to create an information page.

Physics: Exploring Pitch - today the children were allowed to bring in their instruments from home and we used many percussion instruments from school. We were investigating pitch and looking at different ways to change the pitch. The children had to come up with some generalised statements about what happens to pitch in different instruments.

Physics - Today the children explored vibrations a little further with Mr Lobb who kindly brought his drum kit into school and allowed the children to carry out some further investigations.

Active Learning - The children had a wonderfully active grammar lesson learning about sentence structure with Mrs Chapman. Fun, laughter and learning was had by all.

Physics: Exploring Vibrations - The children are really enjoying our physics topic and have been investigating how vibrations are made using tuning forks, drums, elastic bands and other things they have found suitable.

Lent 1 - Topic Map - Sound

Class 3's Whole School Liturgy - The children in class 3 worked very hard to plan a lovely liturgy for the whole school. They chose to focus on the homeless following a recent letter from the Bishop. They have also been collecting food and essentials to donate to the Wellspring Centre.

Autumn 2 - Topic Map - Rocks and Fossils

PSHE - We have been learning all about our emotions and how we learn to understand ourselves better. We read the book 'The Dot' and used this as our inspiration for our display to showcase our work.

Our school choir performed Christmas carols in New Mills today.

Our fantastic school choir performed carols at the Goyt Valley House care home today, a wonderful way to share in the Christmas spirit with members of our community.

Rocks - Here are a few picture of the children's recent topic on rocks. They have made pet rocks and then carried out a number of investigations to help them determine what type of rock their pet is. We have examined different samples, learnt about the earth and its core and also discovered how fossils are made.

Autumn Poetry - The children have written some beautiful poems about our local area in autumn. We went foraging for leaves and twigs and created some autumn artwork to go with our poems.

Golf - The children thoroughly enjoyed their golf lesson this week in the sunshine. Especially the opportunity to have a whole class play off a the end. Well done to our champion, Afia!

Congratulations to Arthikan on coming 11th in the Chithambara Maths Challenge. We were very lucky to hear all about his exciting awards ceremony and celebrate his great success with him.

Inventors and Innovators Assembly

* If you wish to see the video of the children performing the songs from their Inventors & Innovators then there is a copy that can be viewed in school.*

Bridgewater Hall - Class 3 get to play with the Halle Orchestra and enjoy the amazing view over the orchestra.

New Mills Art Theatre - The children performed brilliantly for the pupils from other local schools.

Clarinet Assembly - The children gave a splendid performance to their relatives during their assembly. Wonderful playing and singing from all of the class.

Take One Picture - This week the children have been looking closely at 'Men of the docks'. They have written some simile poems and worked in groups to recreate the painting in four larger sections.

D&T - The children have had lots of fun making their own musical instruments with Mrs Hughes

We are energised by the Holy Spirit - Today the children created liturgical dances to a song about the Holy Spirit. Some of the children performed their dance to the class.

Gymnastics - The children were able to demonstrate some excellent balancing in a recent gymnastics lesson.

Celebrating St. Joseph's feast day.

Lenten Promises - Class 3 making their Lenten promises on Ash Wednesday and tying them to our 'Promise Tree'

Safer Internet Day - Class 3 performed short plays that prompted a class discussion about what it means to 'get consent' when they are online.

We have been learning about skeletons in Science. The children have enjoyed working in groups to make, draw and label their own skeletons.

The Liturgical Year

During our topic of 'Journeys', we have been learning all about the Church's liturgical year.

The children created information booklets that described the liturgical year and some of the different colours, signs and symbols associated with the different seasons and celebrations.

We shared our information booklets with the parishioners at Mass on Sunday.


Our parishioners kindly sent some wonderful feedback back to the children about their work:


'It was very useful to see all the information about the different colours in church.'


'Excellent presentation and very clearly explained.'


'This is a lovely description of how the Church's year is set out. I love the picture on the front - it is a good reminder of the different colours used during the year. I particularly like how you have explained why celebrations are so special. Well done for producing this lovely leaflet.'


'This has helped me understand all about The Liturgical Year. Thank you so much. It was beautifully written.'


'Excellent information, clearly written and explained. Beautiful presentation.'


'Well presented. You have a lot of knowledge about the liturgical year. Well done!'


'It was a pleasure to read all that you wrote. God Bless.'

The Stone Age

We have hearts that see where love is needed and we know how to act accordingly.

Christmas Rewind at Providence Church, the children took part in craft activities and reflected on what Christmas means to different people as well as Christians.

Welcome to Saint Joseph's!

In Class 3 we have been learning about the Romans. As part of their learning the children were allowed to chose a certain area that interested  them for further study. Some of the projects we have received have been fantastic and really show how creative and imaginative we can be in Class 3! We even had a Roman toilet!