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St. Anne Class 2

New Topic Mat - Advent Space

Baking for Macmillan Cake Sale 2020

We have been learning about Victorian Toys. The children used wooden spoons to make their own wooden puppets.

Radish Tasting - In our story 'The Three Little Pigs' we heard about the wolf who burnt his bottom, leaving it as 'red as a radish'. Many of the children had not seen or tried a radish so we had a radish tasting together.

Phonics Detectives - After learning about the 'ng' sound in phonics, we had to use our magnifying glasses to hunt for words that had an 'ng' sound in them.

Ten and a bit numbers - today the Year 1's have been exploring their teen numbers.

The Bog Baby - Today we read 'The Bog Baby' in our Forest School. The children used the props from our story telling box to retell the story and then explored the forest school to search for evidence of any bog babies living there.

Phonics 'Sh' - Today we used our play-doh to help practise our letter formation of 'sh' before exploring the sound in our phonics lesson.

Each day the children can check themselves in with their little peg person, making sure that we know if they are not feeling great and need to have a chat.

September 2020 - Class 2 - Mrs Mallabar, Mrs Chapman & Miss Bowler

Welcome to Saint Anne's Class

the home of Year 1 and 2!



SCOTTISH ARTIST STEVEN BROWN - as part of our United Kingdom topic we have discovered the Scottish artist Steven Brown. We have copied his multi-coloured style of art to create our own highland cow McCoo pictures.

ASH WEDNESDAY - Today we have made lent promises to show how we are going to try to be more like Jesus during this special time. We hung the crosses onto our tree in class to remind us to keep the promises everyday.

SHROVE TUESDAY - in preparation for the start of Lent we have been having lots of fun making pancakes.

DRUMMING WORKSHOP - On Wednesday morning Tim came to show us how to play the drums. We went into class 1 and had lots of fun! We also played the cow bells and maracas. Sometimes we played them loudly and sometimes we played them softly and quietly. Tim told us how to keep a beat and play a rhythm by using hand signals to help us. We told stories and sang songs too. Class 2 had a fantastic time.

MOON SPACE ARTWORK - We used a variety of techniques to create these amazing moon pictures. These remind us of the view Tim Peake would have had from the International Space Station.

SPACE INVESTIGATION - Class 2 really enjoyed making and testing different materials that could be used to make a parachute for their space craft landing.

Our next topic will be SPACE, with a focus on materials. Please see the knowledge mat to discuss with your child. A copy will be sent home also.

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS - We have been very lucky to have Mrs Bowler to help us to make some beautiful Christmas table decorations. We have also written some instructions for how to make them. Thank you Mrs Bowler for your hard work preparing the items to make these gifts.

NEW MILLS FIRE SERVICE - The children were so excited to welcome the firefighters into school to tell them all about the Great Fire of London. We found out about the clothes they wear and the equipment they use. We all had a chance at using the fire hose (the driveway was very wet!!!) and sitting in the fire engine. Thank you to MR Goodwin and his colleagues from New Mills Fire Station for such an amazing experience.

BAKING BREAD - To help us remember that the great fire of London began in a bakery on Pudding Lane, we have been baking bread.

THE MAGIC PORRIDGE POT - Class 2 have been making and tasting porridge to help them with their descriptive writing.

GREAT FIRE OF LONDON - During Advent 2, Class 2 will be studying the Great Fire of London. Below is some of the key vocabulary and facts we will be learning. Please take some time to discuss this with your child and ask questions about what they have been learning.

Class 2 had a very special visitor- Hoggle the tortoise. Miss Barton told us all about tortoises and how to look after them. We will be completing some information writing all about it.

Class 2 have really been enjoying yoga. We have linked it with our animal topic. Can you guess what animal poses we are doing?

Class 2 have been promoting road safety outside school. 

They have designed their own posters to encourage people to park in a safe way. 

Children's safety is our primary concern.