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As a school, we are expected to teach Relationship and Sex Education. 


On this page are the RSE Policy document and also links where parents are able to view the materials that school will use.

RSE is a subject that will always be taught sensitively and by the child's usual class teacher or an external subject specialist. Teachers may use other material to support the teaching of RSE and to adapt the materials to best suit the class they are teaching.


If you do have any questions or concerns about the RSE policy or the materials to be used, please contact Mr Lobb or Mrs Payce-Drury at school.  Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from RSE lessons - and the policy allows for this - where the content in the RSE session sits outside of the National Curriculum for science.  If you would like to discuss this, please come and see Mr Lobb or Mrs Payce-Drury


Before the teaching of RSE in 2018/19,school will arrange a parents meeting so that parents can ask any questions they may have aroud the school's RSE teaching so they understand what their children will be taught. Details of this will follow after Easter.

Some of the resources we use are called 'A Journey in Love'.  Our Lady of Ransom School in Essex has added the PowerPoint slides to its website - a link is below if you wish to have a look.