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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here. 


We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum so the current plans on this page are subject to change.

We will update parents - and this page - throughout the year as changes are finalised.

Our core subjects are RE, Maths and English.  Follow the links below for information about our curriculum in these subjects and how you can help your child at home.

Also follow the PE link for information about our PE curriculum, PE outside of the curriculum (eg competitions) and links to local clubs.

We are very proud of our wider curriculum.  Each half term's work is either led by a study of history, geography or science.  

The work within each half term is re-visited regularly to make sure that the key knowledge is within every child's long term memory in a variety of ways.

To look at the long term plans in each phase and to see the curriculum for each individual class, knowledge mats to show the key knowledge as well as photos, examples or work and other memories from our areas of study, go through the link below!

Our curriculum overall is based on the National Curriculum