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Welcome to our new topic - Treasures.

This week I would like you to start off by thinking about the things that you treasure.  This might be a special gift, a toy, a photograph or another object that is very special to you.

Can you make your own treasure box using an old shoe box.  Decorate it and fill it with your special treasures.  Can you explain why these items are so special to you?

LEARNING FOCUS 1: God created the world – a treasure for us to share.

 Creation story. Read God’s Story 2, page 9, The world is a treasure


Read the story a second time, encouraging children to dwell upon and identify the key ideas. As you do, ask the children to sketch on a thought bubble the pictures in their mind as they listen. Share ideas:




  1. What did you draw?
  2. Why did you choose to draw this?
  3. What did you like most about this story? Why?
  4. What does the poem tell us about how God felt about the world?
  5. What do you think God may feel about the world now?


Create your own picture or painting to illustrate God's amazing world and all the things in it that we should treasure.  Write a prayer or reflection with the title 'Treasuring God's World.'