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Class Three

Welcome to Class 3's Home Learning page.

Below you will find a selection of work and activities to keep you busy over the coming weeks. Each year group has their own section where I will post a weekly learning grid that contains a selection of ideas for their home learning. There will also be daily maths activities posted that included a 10 minute flashback, a daily worksheet (answer sheet also provided) and an extension task that promotes reasoning and problem solving. The extension tasks are there for those children who like the extra challenge or a little bit more maths practise - I know we love maths in Class 3.

I have built in reading and writing challenges on their learning grids and these will change week by week. There are some additional Maths and English resources within each year groups page in case you need something a little different (Hamilton files).


Please do not be overwhelmed by this work. I have purposefully added a wider variety on here to suit the different children within the class. Feel free to pick out the bits that suit your child and contact me if you are struggling or need any assistance.


The children requested some colouring pages, maths games and access to some of the websites we use in class. I've tried to add as much on as possible to get you off to a good start. I will keep updating each week.

I have also added the resources that we use for our weekly 'Read All About It' news session. There are some great talking points and these could be used to prompt writing activities or just for conversations over dinner.


Try to read everyday and access some maths and writing, whether this is the English writing or the topic/sticky knowledge tasks. 

If your child uses Nessy please continue to do this, I can see their activity. All children in the class have access to TTRockstars and Numbots - so if they need a little screen time there are still educational options.


I will be available via email so please feel free to contact me should you need anything at all. That includes the children too - if they need a chat or want to send me any stories they have written then please do let them.


Stay safe during the coming weeks and God bless.

I will be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.

Mrs Mallabar x 

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