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Class Four

Good evening,

Thank you for all the work that you have been doing with your children these last couple of weeks.  Tomorrow I will be hosting a final Teams meeting for the children to look at their maths work.  I have scheduled this for 9:30 again so it would be nice to see all of the children.  If you can't make it then I will still post tyhe resources onto the school website to access.


For their English work please can the children continue to access the Oak national academy work that they have been focusing on for the last two weeks.  Many of the children may be close to finishing this topic and it would be nice for them to complete the piece of writing that I had asked them to look at, which was the letter to Mrs Chapman.  If they have completed this then I would like them to continue to work on Century.  The amount of work that the children have completed on Century has been amazing and recently I received an email notifying me that on Century the children had completed over 6100 questions last week.  


Please continue to finish off any pieces of work that have been set previously.  One of the pieces I would really appreciate to be finished is the Global learning from last Wednesday.  The task for this was to create and cook a family meal that you enjoy sharing together.  I would like the children to create a poster showing the recipe and method of how to cook the meal along with pictures.  This was a task we are doing jointly with a school from Hong Kong.  The instructions and the pictures to show examples of the work that the children from Hong Kong have done can be found on the Instructions from Wednesday 18th November on the school website.


I hope this finds you all well, and I look forward to welcoming all of the children back into school on Thursday.  Many thanks for your support during this time and  again thank you for all messages of support.


Yours sincerely

Mr Pearson

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