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Year Five and Six

Class teacher – Mrs Payce-Drury


Year 6 SATs Information

7 April 2017


Please ask if you have any questions about assessments in school.


Easter at Saint Mary’s

7 April 2017




School hall displays –


Each class used their enterprise skills to create an item to sell at our Easter Eggstravaganza-


Our festivities ended with a splendid Easter bonnet parade –













Golf taster sessions

5 April 2017

Classes 3 and 4 enjoyed their first golfing lesson with a professional junior coach from New Mills Golf club. Children can choose to develop their skills at an after-school club starting in June.


Be the best you can be!

22 March 2017

This group of girls certainly understand the theme of the Derbyshire competition challenging them to write a song about being your best self. The end result is completely their own creation. You’re our winners!



Anti-bullying Awareness

31 January 2017

Years 5 and 6 used drama to explore issues around bullying with the Loudmouth Education and Training Company.



17 January 2017

Year 5 and 6 have created charities for causes that are important to them. Which one would inspire you to donate your time or money to?


Programme of Study

January 2017


Prog of study jpeg

Programme of Study Spring Term 2017

Come and See – Letter to Parents Spring 2017



An eye on the Arctic

15 November 2016


My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nachos!?

14 October 2016

Year 5 and 6 have used their non-chronological report writing skills to produce useful posters and illustrations about planets in our solar system. They use the mnemonic – My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nachos to help them to remember the order of the planets. Test your knowledge at The Children’s University of Manchester Website.


Roald Dahl Day

13 September 2016

The whole school celebrated what would have been the 100th Birthday of Roald Dahl. Please enjoy the photographs below of the hall display showing creative writing, colourful artwork and revolting recipes inspired by the children’s favourite author.


Programme of Study

September 2016


Prog of study jpeg


Programme of Study Autumn term 2016

Come and See- Letter to parents Autumn 2016



Our Queen at 90

21 April 2016

To celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s milestone birthday, the children of Saint Mary’s took part in a number challenge focusing only on the number 90! Class 1 investigated how to make 90 which included a great first attempt at spelling ‘ninety’. Class 2 used mathematical equipment to explore the value of 90. Class 3 calculated which towns can be found 90 miles away from New Mills. Class 4 used algebra to create their own ‘Guess the number’ puzzles.


Programme of Study

15 April 2016


Prog of study jpeg


Programme of Study Summer term 2016

Come and See- Summer 2016 inc Islam



Easter Bonnet Competition

24 March 2016


Easter bonnet parade


World Book Day

3 March 2016

As the oldest children in our school, we shared our love of books with the younger children by reading stories to them.


Young Voices

2 March 2016

Classes 3 and 4 joined a choir of over 7000 children for the ‘Young Voices’ 20th anniversary musical extravaganza at the Manchester O2 arena. Equipped with souvenir torches and t-shirts, the children sang and danced for a packed arena of parents with music by Madness, Jess Glynne and Take That. Many thanks to our PTA for subsidising the event. The children described the experience as “epic!”


Electric Wizzkids!

10 February 2016

As part of their science topic on electricity, year 5 and 6 made some impressive models of fairground rides or games, such as ‘Steady Hand’. Test your knowledge of electric circuits with this CLEO Circuit World online game. (Flash player needed!)


Sources – The Bible

5 February 2016


Street Child by Berlie Doherty

1 February 2016


Class 4 used their class novel, Street Child, as a vehicle for writing news reports and informal, persuasive writing. The children also explored the themes of the story creating their own ‘freeze-frame’ drama scenes.


Exploring Judaism

1 February 2016

Every class contributed to this colourful hall display on the customs and beliefs of the Jewish people.


William Morris

20 January 2016

As part of their pattern and printing art focus, the children have made studies of famous pieces by textile and wallpaper designer William Morris. Year 5 and 6 may be interested in an enterprise game found on the William Morris gallery website where they get to be the designer himself making key decisions about how the business runs.


Programme of Study

8 January 2016
Prog of study jpeg


The links below provide an overview of the spring term in .pdf format-

Programme of Study Spring Term 2016

Come and See – Letter to parents Spring 2016


Poetry Writing

6 November 2015

Class 4 have been focusing on improving their figurative language using simile, metaphor, personification and onomatopoeia to create some colourful bonfire and firework poems. Here is a selection for you to enjoy.

Firework poem image

Amy’s Bonfire Night poem

Bonfire Night poem

Freddie’s Blazing Bonfire poem

Hannah’s Bonfire poem

Bonfire poem

Isabella’s Bonfire Night poem

Isla’s Bonfire Sparks poem


Poem image

Isobel’s Exploding Colours poem

Liam’s Bonfire Burns poem

Maisy’s 5th of November poem

Today’s the Day poem

Twirling Whirling Fireworks poem



Multi-Faith Day

25 June 2015

We attended a multi-faith day held at St Thomas More and had the chance to explore and learn about the major world faiths of Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam and Judaism and Christianity.


Science Week

March 2015