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Early Years Foundation Stage and Year One

Class teacher – Mrs Chapman

Early years learning concentrates on seven areas split between prime and specific areas of learning.

The prime areas of learning are: communication and language (CL); physical development (PD) and personal, social and emotional development (PSED).

The specific areas of learning are: literacy (L); mathematics (M); understanding the world (UTW) and expressive arts and design (EAD).

In our regularly updated learning blog below, you will find the abbreviations for the areas of learning covered, along with any key stage 1 outcomes for the activity detailed. Additionally, you will see the children exploring themes of their Religious Studies programme entitled ‘Come and See’. (RE)





Easter at Saint Mary’s

7 April 2017




School hall displays –


Each class used their enterprise skills to create an item to sell at our Easter Eggstravaganza-


Our festivities ended with a splendid Easter bonnet parade –













Wiggle Worm Activity

24 March 2017                          EAD     PD


We read the Hungry Caterpillar story, made our own hats and wriggled like worms in a conga to raise funds for Children in Action!

We raised an amazing £39.10p. Well done Class 1.



KS1 supporting the CAFOD Lenten Appeal

21 March 2017                       RE      UTW


Class 1 and 2 have been donating silver coins to help Turn little fish into Big fish this Lent. Find out more at http://cafod.org.uk/Education/Primary-schools/Lent

IMG_3709 IMG_3710



‘What is it?’

10 March 2017                              UTW


Children could choose to investigate the green liquid substance in the do not enter table! As part of the continuous provision one child  thought it may be monster slime, another bean juice or maybe even ghost slime!



Sustained Shared Thinking

10 March 2017                        CL        PD      PSED


The children are in the zone of learning – they are active, engaged, finding out and exploring as they investigate how to make a tunnel that allows marbles to roll through.












Learning Environment

8 March 2017


Dough for dough!

3 March 2017                 PD       PSED

Here we are making bread rolls for CAFOD- we made £19.03p!



Programme of Study

January 2017


Prog of study jpeg


Programme of Study Spring term 2017

Come and See – Letter to Parents Spring 2017




A day in the life of Class 1

2 December 2016                   CL   M    PSED    PD   RE



School Readiness

2 December 2016




A useful list of 10 keys to unlocking School Readiness can be found here. Further guidance can be found on the Derbyshire website by clicking the image to the left.





Investigating and Identifying

15 November 2016                      UTW



Our Lady

21 October 2016                RE    EAD

During the month of October we honour Mary Our Mother and say the prayers of the Holy Rosary. The children have created beautiful grottos of Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Knock. The children have been learning the prayer of the church dedicated to Mary –

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Characteristics of effective learning

9 October 2016



Our United Kingdom

30 September 2016                 EAD    UTW    PSED

Reception and Year 1 have used different craft materials to make the national costumes of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Roald Dahl Day

13 September 2016                  L    EAD

The whole school celebrated what would have been the 100th Birthday of Roald Dahl. Please enjoy the photographs below of the hall display showing creative writing, colourful artwork and revolting recipes inspired by the children’s favourite author.



Programme of Study

September 2016


Prog of study jpeg


Programme of study Autumn term 2016

Come and See- Letter to parents Autumn 2016



2 May 2016             RE    EAD

In preparation for the Feast of Pentecost, classes 1 and 2 have been thinking about God the Holy Spirit. The children have created paintings inspired by Van Gogh; decorated birthday cards for the church; created booklets with ideas on how to spread the Good News and have written prayers to the Holy Spirit.



Mini-beast themed class assembly

28 April 2016                               UTW   PSED   CL

Here we presenting our assembly to the whole school and our grown-ups who had come to watch. We shared interesting facts and pictures of creepy crawlies and finished with a ‘bug parade’ dance!


Our Queen at 90

21 April 2016

To celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s milestone birthday, the children of Saint Mary’s took part in a number challenge focusing only on the number 90! Class 1 investigated how to make 90 which included a great first attempt at spelling ‘ninety’. Class 2 used mathematical equipment to explore the value of 90. Class 3 calculated which towns can be found 90 miles away from New Mills. Class 4 used algebra to create their own ‘Guess the number’ puzzles.



Programme of Study

15 April 2016

Prog of study jpeg


Programme of Study Summer term 2016

Come and See- Summer 2016 inc Islam



Easter Bonnet Competition

24 March 2016

Easter bonnet parade

Class 1 plant sale for CAFOD

22 March 2016

Thank you children for using your gardening skills to raise money for CAFOD by selling the plants you had grown.


CAFOD plant sale


World Book Day

3 March 2016               CL     L     PSED

Here are some photographs of us sharing stories together to celebrate World Book Day. We love books!




Visiting the Torrs

3 February 2016             UTW

We have been on a river walk as part of our geography topic looking at physical features.


Exploring Judaism

1 February 2016                 RE

Every class contributed to this colourful hall display on the customs and beliefs of the Jewish people.


Creating animation

28 January 2016             UTW

Here is a photograph of class 1 creating digital imagery using the Purple Mash graphics package 2Animate.


Investigating natural materials and man-made products

28 January 2016                    UTW    EAD

Following on from carding wool, (see post below) we have identified that it is a natural product- we have described some of the properties-it’s waterproof and soft. We then dyed the wool using food colouring, finally we used a repeating pattern to weave and concluded that once we started to weave the product, we were changing it from a natural material into a man made product.


Toys from the past

20 January 2016           CL      PSED

Mr Peters very kindly brought in his old hornby electric train set and old toys to show to the children. The collection included tin cans and ropes for a telephone as well as a spinning top. The children were able to develop an awareness of the past and encouraged to use common words and phrases to explain the passing of time.


Carding with lambs wool

14 January 2016            UTW

This week all of the children have had the opportunity to try the traditional skill of carding. The children learnt to identify and describe the property of the material and to make links between an object and the material from which its made from. The children would like to thank Mrs Hayes for a delightful time.


Programme of Study

8 January 2016
Prog of study jpeg


The links below provide an overview of the spring term in .pdf format-

Programme of Study Spring term 2016

Come and See – Letter to parents Spring 2016



Observing plants

14 December 2015        UTW

Looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change. We were making observations on the types of plants that are suitable for wildlife. How we look after a plant. What it needs to grow. We also planted daffodil bulbs so we can watch how they grow in the spring. Some of us identified and named some common garden plants and went on to describe the structure of flowering plants.



Prickly Hay!

11 December 2015

Mrs King – “What an absolute pleasure it was to watch the infants perform their Christmas nativity, it was simply the best! The children looked and sounded amazing, a lovely memory to treasure. I was delighted to see so many parents, friends and relatives of the children attending the performances. Many thanks for your generous donations to the school.”


Firework art

22 October 2015     EAD

Creating colourful firework paintings linking to our seasonal topic – the gunpowder plot. The early learning goal for reception children was ‘I can explore and use a range of materials and experiment with colour’. The year 1 National Curriculum objectives being covered were ‘I can use painting to develop and share my ideas’ and ‘I can use colour and pattern to develop a range of art’.


I can recognise signs and symbols in Baptism

22 October 2015       RE

Here are the children attending our parish church for a baptism. This is the theme of the ‘Welcome’ topic in the Come and See programme. These delightful images show the children dressed as the grown-ups bringing a baby to receive the sacrament of baptism. The congregation are carrying baptismal candles which they have made. Our thanks to our parish priest, Father John Cairns, for leading a real service for the children to experience.


Using an ipad to record sound

7 October 2015       UTW

We know how to input instructions on an ipad to create and record music and because we are so clever we know that it can be stored and played back!


My Diary

7 October 2015        L

After just a short amount of time in school, we are attempting to write short sentences in a meaningful context, so that eventually like our year one classmates, we can write a recount using the personal pronoun I.


Measuring Length

15 October 2015       M

Here we are measuring length using a uniform unit and ordering items by length.


Dry stone walling

24 April 2015       PD     PSED    M    KUW

Working as a team to solve a problem. “We need to make it more secure.”



The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

23 April 2015     CL   L

Look at some of the seaside postcards we wrote and illustrated for our headteacher Mrs King.



21 April 2015     RE

The coming of the Holy Spirit and how the disciples felt.


Investigating and identifying plants

20 April 2015      KUW   L

Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants. Use a paint package to create a picture using a variety of tools.



Watching the solar eclipse

20 March 2015     UTW

A precious moment of awe and wonder captured.


Investigating Length

February 2015        M       PSED

Comparing, describing and solving practical problems for lengths using shorter and longer in our forest schools area. Some children were able to order the twigs and sticks by length. (Click on an image to enlarge it.)


Forest Schools